Trippy Tips

I've been wanting to try out this new lovely Savina polish I bought the other day since I bought it, but I just kept coming up with other, non-pink ideas. Today's the day though! Here's...Fantasia!

Isn't it so pretty? Those little flecks of sparkle remind me of Fairy Dust from China Glaze, but they're built into the polish. Ugh I can't stand it. It's just so pretty! And super easy and clean to apply. Looks great with another Savina, Neon Yellow. Guess whoever named that one wasn't feeling very inspired that day. The black in the middle of the flowers is Black Creme (Wet n' Wild), and it's all done with dotting tools and mini beads (which according to Ciate, are never allowed to be called caviar). 

I also like this shot, that I accidentally used the flash with. It really helps Fantasia work its magic. (See what I did there? Fantasia...magic...)


  1. This is so cool! The base is gorgeous.

  2. i love this! adding that polish to my wishlist :)

  3. This is cute! That is a pretty pink.

  4. Wow love that little sparkle in the pink. Your design looks so great in combination with it.

  5. O.O
    WHhhaaa how do you do your nails so darn perfect, girl? :) They look beautiful! x


    1. Haha, they're not always perfect! It's a mix of applying the polish on cleanly first, then cleaning up with a stiff brush and acetone, then catching all the annoying leftovers post production. Definitely the biggest part of it is applying the colors as cleanly as possible in the first step, which is just a matter of practice!

  6. Wow this really is pretty! That pink is gorgeous and the sparkle in it is amazing...

  7. That pink is AMAZING! :) And I love your design!

  8. That color just pops. Looks flawless. :)


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