Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas Manicure

Vacation's going great! It's beautiful in Encinitas right now. I'm drinking it all in, and today, finally had a little time for a manicure. It look longer than I expected it to, but it's pretty great. Unfortunately I don't have my usual light set up, so my pictures won't look quite the same. I hate that. But enjoy these nails!

I used Artsy Crafty (Color Club) as the base, stamped with Cherish (China Glaze) and then added the berries using Gleaming Red from My Nail Graffiti's collection. The stamp is a Bundle Monster one, from plate 14. I was upset, because originally I wanted to use the Red Angel holly stamp from plate 121, but I couldn't pick it up no matter how hard I tried. It was driving me nuts, so I gave up in favor of a different holly design. Sad to say it's the first time I've been unhappy with Red Angel. To be fair, it is the thinnest pattern I've ever seen.


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