Happy Go Lucky Circus

Drink in today's manicure because it will be the last scheduled one for a few weeks. I'll be travelling to land of beauty, sun and polish...Southern California. Andy's family and the majority of mine live there, so Christmas, New Years and my birthday will all be celebrated there. I've packed up my polish and supplies into a rather heavy to-go container, hoping I don't wind up missing a polish I left behind here in Boulder.

But like I said, with so much going on, I won't be dedicating every day to polishing. I'll do my best, and squeeze it in where I have time and feel like doing it, but today's may very well be the last until the beginning of January.

To celebrate the festive 17 hour drive we have to look forward to tomorrow and Sunday, I chose what some might consider to be an obnoxious amount of color. I absolutely love it, seeing as yellow's my favorite color. What're your thoughts?

I used China Glaze's Happy Go Lucky and Essence's Circus Confetti. It's so beyond fun to wear this manicure, and I'm a little upset I used it early. It's a totally appropriate birthday manicure, but when the day comes, I'll probably match my nails with what I'm doing.

So ladies, farewell until Monday at the earliest, January at the latest!

Polish on!


  1. So much fun!!!!! Love it!

  2. I love this yellow! My bedroom is painted a similar color! Don't stress about posting- will still be here when you get back!

  3. @Fingers I'm so completely jealous your room is painted yellow. It's my absolute favorite color.

  4. Take care and have a wonderful and safe trip! :D Also, this manicure is so fun! Happy early Birthday!

  5. WOOOOOOOW so gorgeous!
    nice work ;)

  6. I really love this mani & the name u came up for it! lol. I am starting to like yellow manis more and more.. it is sucha unexpected nail color which makes it that much more fun to wear! I really want that Essie polish!! Have a fun & safe trip! Soak up some of that cali sun for me too while ur there :P


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