Believe Me, It's Real Snow

Good morning! One of the best things about where I live is the weather. It can be 70 degrees one day, then freeze over and snow the next. And snow it did. Welcome to my winter wonderland.

We've gotten about 6 inches or so, judging by the piled up snow on the railings of that fence you see there. It's beautiful.

So to match this chilly day, I painted some chilly nails. Blue means cool, and sparkly mimics the snow flakes, so take a look at Wet n' Wild's Believe Me, It's Real over OPI's Swimsuit...Nailed it!.

Camera shake due to freezing temperatures.

One thing I noticed about Wet n Wild's new Ice Baby Collection is how much the glitter eats away at the top coat. What you see there is two layers of top coat, and I still don't get that smoothed out top coat look we all know and love. Sucks, but the sparkle makes up for it. I managed to hit up a Walgreen's that had every single color from the collection. That was one of the only collections I was dying for, so imagine my excitement.

Speaking of excitement, check out Riley in her element. She adores snow apparently, even though this is only her second one.

The chicken wire on the picket fence was to keep a certain tiny puppy in the yard when she was small.
I'm thinking about running back out to Walgreen's and getting another set of the collection. I have a feeling this limited edition collection will be on girls' lemming lists once it's sold out. We'll see!


  1. The snow is beautiful but really cold when starts to defrost:)

  2. Really beautiful, but I don't like a long winter. I get sick of the snow and the cold if it starts in November. Lovely glitter! Too bad we don't have WnW over here.

  3. Thanks guys! The snow is pretty tolerable out here. It's already sunny and melting. Boulder weather is strange.

  4. Great nails and great snow pics!


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