As promised, this is my homemade Halloween costume of this year.

Photo courtesy of www.fanpop.com.

I am Yoshi, and my boyfriend Andy is Mario. No...he did not ride around on me.

It took me a day to go out, buy everything, and put it together. I think it's worth it though, and it's something I won't outgrow, so if I ever get lazy when it comes to costumes, I'll be set already.

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. @Beautyshades Thanks! I'm hoping to use it for years to come.

  2. Oh my, this is so awesome!! I admire you made this yourself, I love to sew too and still have so many plans, but somehow I never get to actually execute them. Great job, girl!

  3. @Jane Thank you so much. I don't sew much (thank you hot glue and stitch glue), but I knew enough to get this together. You should've seen my poor boyfriend's Mario hat he made himself. He goes "HOW DO YOU DO CRAFTS?!" like there is a certain way to do it. He got an A for effort though.

  4. This is an amazing costume! If you could get back to me on how you made it, my boyfriend really wants to be yoshi and I was gonna surprise him and make the costume :) It won't be the same as yours i just need a little guidance as to how you made the shell and the ridges and so on :)

    1. It was tough! I got an oversized green sweatshirt for the base. To create the shell, I got one of those Styrofoam circles you make wreaths out of and stuffed a piece of orange fabric with cotton fluff from the craft store. I put some white fabric around the circle so it wasn't as ugly.

      For the spikes, I got thick mattress topper material and cut it into a triangle then sewed two pieces of fabric the same size to fit around it.

      I'm no seamstress, and most of it is held together with fabric glue, but it turned out pretty great! I've work it two years now and it's nice and warm!


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