Scrapbooking Nails

My family is great. My sister started a nail blog first, and is really the one who turned me onto the whole nail polish art thing, and in particular, Konad.

My mom just linked me this site, which is a new take on the newspaper print nail art you may have seen. The ladies over at The Hybrid Chick, a mainly paper crafting blog, were clever and creative in coming up with the idea of nail art through scrapbooking paper! GENIUS! And the results speak for themselves.

Scrapbooking nails from
I know I'll be trying it. I've been dying to find a good damask print in the Konad plates or Bundle Monster plates, so maybe this will be the solution I've been looking for.

Also, as a side note, if you're thinking about buying some Bundle Monster plates or other products, feel free to use the coupon code I got in the mail from the haul I just got. Type in "thanks" at checkout and get 15% off.

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  1. Regular scrapbook paper does not work very well at all!


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