Pink and pinker

Hey guys.

So today I started watching The Walking Dead for the first time. Somehow, it managed to inspire today's manicure. There is a lot things in that show.

Click to expand and see some better holo effects.

Ok ok. I really just wanted to try my new pink polish from Savina, Bubble Gum. Aptly named. On top of that is Electra Magenta. All polished off with Essie's Good to Go.

Also, helpful tip I just figured out. I was the base of my nails on my left hand, the switched to my right. In the process I screwed up my pointer finger and had to take the polish off. In the meantime, I topped the base color (Bubble Gum) with some Good to Go. It worked great with the scotch tape I had. No peeling up of the base color. EXCEPT for my pointer, which I forgot to apply Good to Go on. So after I taped it off and put on the Electra Magenta, peeling lifted up half of the Bubble Gum. So I had to redo it again. Frustrating, but also a good lesson. When doing a taped off manicure, apply a top coat to your layers as you go, so subsequent layers don't lift up.

Hope that helps someone, if it wasn't already common knowledge.

Also...WEEKEND! What're your plans? My boyfriend, Andy, and I are going with some friends to see Wolfgang Gartner. He's an awesome DJ and I can't wait to dance my ass off. It's in town too, so we can walk no problem. Watch this video, turn up your speakers, and picture it. Picture dancing to it.'s gonna rock.


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