Matted Swirls

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 Today's manicure is brought to you by China Glaze's Matte Magic. I used that to top off my Bundle Monster stamped fingers. I think it looks pretty awesome. Definitely different than your normal glossy coat finish. It's like looking at my nails through a fogged up camera lens rather than a clean one. Definitely a big difference than the original nail polish colors.

The white is Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Sheer Magic. The blue is OPI's Swimsuit...Nailed It! (How appropriate for my blog name!) Like I said, they look totally different in the bottles than they do with a layer of Matte Magic put on top. Much less shimmering, but no less stunning.

Here's how they would all look alone without a top coat of anything, and paired together with a glossy top coat.

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See? Totally different looking. Damn that blue is stunning.

I absolutely love the design from the BM 19 plate though. Still need more practice covering my whole finger.

Have an awesome night!

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