Biotin: Vitamins for Keratin

So I've been looking at other nail blogs and other girls' nails, and they always seem so long and thick. (Oh god...THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!...Couldn't help myself.) At work, I Googled a quick query of "natural nail thickener" and came across this site. One of the major things I took away from it was that nails benefit from biotin.

WTF is biotin? It's in cauliflower, and it's good for hair, nails and rhino horns alike.  I am not a fan of cauliflower, and I don't feel like eating it EVERY day to strengthen my nails or my rhino horn. Wikipedia! Turns out, biotin supplements are available at most pharmacies.

So consider adding that to your daily vitamin regiment.


  1. I don't know what the deal is with these supplements and generally don't consider using them in any situation. No matter how good they sound in their description, you can never know what you're getting into. Jessi from Lacquered, Painted, Polished ( been taking Biotin and was just saying that it didn't do anything for her nails. I have yet to find a person that that stuff has worked on.

  2. I personally started taking hair/nail/skin supplements last year after a LOT of damage to my hair (bleaching, coloring bold red, bleaching,color teal, stayed bleached, added natural red color, bleached again, back to bold red color.. you see the point). It was to the point I was trimming hair about every week but the hair kept breaking up the shaft (that's what she said?). The damage was obvious but sleeping was causing the hair to like.. dread up and I got tired of it. I started taking the supplements with biotin in them around November. My hair is a healthy texture now, no issues with breakage, and I can see areas of new growth. It generally has been growing fast but I'm letting it out so I don't cut it often either. I have had SIGNIFICANTLY less skin issues with break outs. As for my nails, they are constantly growing. I trim them about every week or two just slightly. They are strong but I still have issues with peeling. I also change polish a few times a week. The only time I've had a nail "break" since starting these is if I nicked it with a razor in the shower accidentally.

    I would stay away from the specifically "for hair nails skin" boxed versions that are at places like walgreens. I started with Maxidene at walgreens it was around $10 for 60 tabs 1 time a day (2 month supply) but Biotin was 50 mcg. I ran out went back to walgreens and got New Nordic Hair Volume Supplement retail for $20 on sale for $14 30 tabs 1 time a day. The problem with the others- even generic drug store brand of Biotin is it may be 180 tabs but you have to take 3 or 4 a day, or there isn't quite as much biotin. That's just a pain. I did recently find Target brand Biotin 5,000 mcg 60 caps 1 time a day for like $6. It's just straight up biotin. The others have whatever minerals added. Big key is to take it every single day. I have to take allergy medicine so I just add it to the pile.

    Sorry for the long blab. I ran across this googling, and just wanted to say it's been helpful in my experience.

  3. I just started taking 10000 mcg of biotin with 100 mg of keratin and i had to take an allergy medicine with it my hair look healthier but its only been a week.

    1. How is your hair now? I been taken biotin 5000 mcg for 3 months and have seen a difference but when I saw the biotin 10,000 with 100mg keratin I was like let me try this... so now in October do you see a great difference?


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