Lace nail beds

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These decorated nails beds were quite a hit last night. It's a bit of a change than the normal half moon nails. I stamped the beds rather than the tips, but it wasn't easy. I love the design, but the application sort of sucked. I'm still mastering the stamping technique. I had to go over the stamps right near the beds with a small paint brush to cover the whole nail.

For the base I used Sinful Colors Easy Going. I absolutely love the color of this polish. It's the palest of pinks without any shimmer. Just a nice solid pale pink. It took 3 coats to meet my standards, but 2 would've sufficed.

For the design I also used Sinful Colors. Black on Black is the best black I've found for stamping. The transfer works every time.

I used Bundle Monster plate #10 for this design.

Sorry about the image. I realized after I took posted it that it really needed more of a closeup, but the camera setup I use doesn't do that well. I need to get a tripod and a light box, then the pictures will be great.

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