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Hello there and welcome to my blog. I'm Katy, and I'm blogging to share my nail polish past time. I'm a novice, I'm not certified, but I do love the creativity of the whole hobby. It's something I can really dig my claws into. (Crappy puns will not be an ongoing occurrence.) 

You're reading this if you like nail polish, designs and new ideas. I live in Boulder Colorado, so this certainly isn't polish central. I don't (always) run out to stores to buy the newest polish, and I try not to spend too much on polishes. I'm more about the designs of the day. There is an awesome blog I was inspired by that provides the latest and greatest swatches almost daily. Check out Scrangie's blog if you want swatches of polish and makeup.

So I'm just starting, and I'm really excited about it! My nails aren't the best, but I thought it would be interesting to blog about what I learn and grow from rather than wait until I'm "good" to start posting. So for this first post, you get me...naked. My nails, without any of the shades of pinks and blues I gravitate towards. Freshly manicured and moisturized, but bare.

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I've just recently started learning the basics of taking care of your nails. I must say, it makes a huge difference in the way the final manicure turns out. A healthy base nail makes for better application and better results. Plus you get the added bonus of soft hands free of obnoxious and sometimes painful flaws. As a young girl, I was a chronic nail biter and had issues with actually ripping the skin on my fingers. So it feels good to post a picture of my bare nails I can be proud of.

This is only the beginning, and I really can't wait to share the rest of this little hobby of mine with everyone.


  1. Don't worry, Romania isn't nail polish central either. Your nails look very healthy! Welcome to blogging and enjoy!

  2. Hey Katy - I can't believe you've only been blogging for a year!!! Congrats on your tremendous success!

  3. I've just started blogging and love seeing all your amazing nail art creations! I love how easy you make them, yet they look so effective. x


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