Inktober 2023 - Day 11: "Wander"

Here's the sort of "forest bathing" beauty that I came up with for day 11 of Inktober..."wander". 

It was a challenge to get a good gradient with gel, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out...and glad I practiced it more.
But can I tell you...

I came VERY close to making a set dedicated to a new creature I just learned about, called the "wandering meatloaf". It's a little mollusk that looks like a hunk of meatloaf, just scootin' along the rocks in the tidal zones. 

Image Source

I mean...they're not wrong. He does look a little meatloaf-y. In the throws of winter when I'm cold but too cheap to turn on the heat, I too resemble a wandering meatloaf as I drag my blanket robes from room to room.

But a pretty sunset set probably looks better on camera. 


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