Inktober 2023 - Day 1: "Dream"...and big news!

I promise I haven't completely neglected the blog version of my work, but I certainly haven't been great at posting to it...for good reason!

Since my last posting here, so much has happened, but the most exciting piece has been OPENING MY OWN STUDIO! 

Located in Boulder in the Indie Salon studio suites, Nailed by Katy P is officially up and running as of this July. It's been so incredible to start this dream I've been dreaming since I began nail school. Here's a little glimpse of what the space looks like right now.

You can check out more about the studio at my website, Nailed by Katy P.

Now for today's true purpose for a post...Inktober is back baby!

Inktober, if you don't remember, is a challenge created by pen and ink artist, Jake Parker. There's no official prizes (although he seems to do some giveaways associated with artists' creations from time to time) - it's just a way to flex your creative muscles by creating art based on a new prompt provided every day in October. Here's a look at this year's prompts:

I loved the idea of being challenged to create something new every day, so in 2019, I picked up my nail brush and followed along! After taking 2021 and 2022 off, I'm back at it, and this year's first prompt is "Dream". 

So here's my little counting sheep for "dream"!

Since I'll be doing most of the this month's prompts using gel instead of regular lacquer, many of them will be on press-ons like this. It just makes it much more likely that I'll be able to keep up with every day's looks. 

If you're still here reading, thank you for your subscription! While I definitely share the most on my Instagram page, @blognailedit, it means a lot that you're still here! 

Until tomorrow!


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