Inktober Day 24: Dig

There's not much explanation needed for the look I put together for "dig". So here are my little digger ants!

ant nail art

This was an interesting look to put together. First, I put down a layer of a textured Sally Hansen polish called Sugar Fix. Then, I painted one layer of Misty (Zoya) on top. The tunnel colors are also from Zoya - Chanelle with an outline of Emilia. I also used Emilia to add rocks in the sand. The ants were done with Courtney, another Zoya shade. Then, I used a matte top coat over the tunnels, and left the sand and rocks top-coat-less to maintain the texture effect.

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  1. OMG Ants are amazing and love the nail art tribute to them! Have you seen an ant's face close up under a microscope - OMG it looks amazing and wonderful. Pests to some, yes but I just think they are amazing tiny creatures! :-D


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