Apples of My Eye

We have all been through a LOT in 2020, and the punches just keep coming. I know I've gotten a lot of "COVID clarity" as I like to call it. There's been some personal realizations that I've made because I was forced to slow down and really take a look at things. One of these realizations is how much I love my job, and particularly the closeness I have with my clients and coworkers. It's been such a relief to go back into work and see my people! I also realized how important creativity is for me, especially to my mental state. 

So when I reached out on my Instagram stories for some Fall nail art ideas, I was happy to hear from a few of you. One suggestion I got was from @mayumbatchibanga, who said "apples" would be a cute look. So these are the "Apples of My Eye"!

nail art apple nails
Apples of My Eye

I used the following colors from Zoya and OPI for this look:

  • Zoya: Cece, Genesis, Willa, Daisy, Linds, Wyatt
  • OPI: Make Light of the Situation, My Vampire is Buff, I'm Sooo Swamped!, Meet My "Decorator"
I like how the glitter on the apples coordinates with the other non-nail art fingers! It gives those little hand painted apples a little pop that makes me smile. 

And we all need something that makes us smile! 

Take care!


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