Inktober Day 5: Build

"Build" is the prompt for day 5 of Inktober, and while I could have gone a super punny route and given you nails on nails, or super alliterative and given you hammer hands, I decided on a more colorful, more foundational building block.

Here are my Lego nails!

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Inktober Day 5 - Build

I was inspired by a Lego set I saw recently at Costco and nearly bought for myself. However, knowing my cat's tendencies to knock small objects over into some oblivion, never to be found again, I decided against that purchase.

The rainbow of colors I needed for this look came from China Glaze (Summer Reign, Sun Upon My Skin, Emerald Bae, and Sun-Set the Mood) and Misa (Gravitron and Power Surge). Then I either mixed in grey (Decoded by ORLY), white (White Porcelain by INM), or black (Black Onyx by OPI) to get the darker and lighter shades for shadowing and highlights.


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