Inktober Day 28: Ride

Yesterday in Boulder it dumped snow. The skies really opened up and let loose, starting with a nice, icy layer of freezing rain that you need to chip through on your car windows and doors. And today, I simply didn't want to chip away at the 10 or so inches of snow and ice on my car, so I took the bus.

The busses in Boulder are pretty nice as far as public transit goes. The people on them mostly keep to themselves, and they're usually clean enough. But just like any bus, I try not to look too closely at the seats. Inevitably, there's a buildup of grime as hundreds of people a day sit and stand on the fabric of the seats. Science has tried to hide this inevitability with colorful geometric patterns to distract your eye from the stains left behind from years of use. And I thought that would be a perfect look for today's Inktober prompt, "ride".

So here's my interpretation of those bus seat patterns.

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Inktober Day 28 - Ride

I only used one line of polish for today's nail art: China Glaze. The colors are Wait N' Sea, Papaya Punch, Man Hunt, and Pop the Trunk.

Stay warm today everyone, and if you can, why not hop on a bus to get to work?


  1. I love some of the abstract patterns in buses.
    Is there a Tumblr page for them? Gotta look for it :) ...

  2. Haha I remember those patterns on buses over here too! Some of the older buses have them. Great mani :-D


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