Inktober Day 25: Tasty

There are A LOT of options for a prompt like "tasty", especially for someone like me, who has lots of favorite foods.

Ice cream.

But probably the most colorful food I consume is in the pastry category. Or the deep-fried category? I'll need to consult my chefing and pastry friends for the distinction. But the prompt asked for tasty, and my answer is "donuts".

#inktober #inktober2019 #nailart #freehand
Inktober Day 25 - Tasty

There's also A LOT of color options for today's prompt to get the effects I needed for the delicious, delicious nail art, including:

  • Zoya: Abby, Lillian, Nyssa, Spencer, Darcy, Ali
  • OPI: Alpine Snow, You're So Outta Lime!, Mod About You
  • LVX: Icon, Lemondrop, Mink


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