Inktober Day 20: Tread

In the US, there are very certain rules and courtesies of the road that help minimize traffic and accidents. Here are a few that drivers seem to forget:

  • Right of Way: Two cars pull up to a 4-way stop at the same time. The driver to the RIGHT goes first.
  • Blinkers: Your vehicle is equipped with signals that indicate which direction your vehicle is going when it's no longer going straight. This affords drivers behind your vehicle the chance to break or speed up or change directions appropriately, aiding in the flow of traffic. They're strongly encouraged. 
  • Headlights: Not only are these helpful for the driver of the vehicle to properly see at night, they also help other drivers see your vehicle. If the conditions inhibit your vision, it's generally a good idea to turn on your headlights so other vehicles are more aware of your presence. 
Now that we're all on the same page about these guidelines and rules of the road, let's enjoy some vehicular nail art in honor of today's Inktober prompt, "tread".

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Inktober Day 20 - Tread

Today's look was made of colors from 5 different polish lines:

  • OPI: The "It" Color
  • Sally Hansen: Lick-O-Rich
  • KB Shimmer: How You Dune?
  • INM: Black Hole


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