Inktober Day 15: Legend

Legend has it, when the full moon is in the sky, certain cursed creatures forego their human form, transforming into horrifying, blood-thirsty animals called werewolves. They howl at the moon, and when it sets, they painfully return to their human form.

We missed the full moon by 2 days, but somehow, a werewolf still emerged...on my nails!

#inktober #inktober2019 #nailart
Inktober Day 15 - Legend

The beautiful blue creme is called Simply Fa-Blue-Less, with a moon made of Sun Upon My Skin, both from China Glaze.


  1. This is brilliant and I love that blue.

    I seen someone doing "leg-end" as in your foot, for the sketching and though that was an interesting take on this one LOL!

    1. Haha that’s amazing! I love how differently everyone interprets the prompts!


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