Anna Bond Florals

The Inspiration

Anna Bond is the creator of some unbelievably beautiful florals that have been inspiring nail artists for years. Her creations can be seen on almost anything a print adorns, as she is the co-founder for Rifle Paper Co. I've been following her work for years, and today's nail art was inspired by this design recently shared on her Instagram. I happily spent a few hours just freestyling each finger based on that design, and here's the result!

Anna Bond Florals by Nailed It @
Freehand Anna Bond Florals

The Color Palette

As you can imagine, this look called on a lot of different colors. After rifling through lots of Melmer drawers, I wound up with these colors for my Anna Bond floral look:

OPI: Alpine Snow, Black Onyx, Never a Dulles Moment
Misa: Shoot the Chute
Zoya: Wyatt, Danielle, Sawyer, Sage/Satin (this was the base), Sonja, Arbor, Presley, Laurel, Kieko

Of course, everything is freehand.

Thank you for inspiring me Mrs. Bond!

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