Rev Your Engines

You know me as a nail artist. Some of you know me as a nail tech. Some of you are friends, and some of you are family, and know me as such. None of you know me as a race car driver though. And after speeding a kart around a track at 40 MPH last night at Unser, none of you will. I came in last...but gracefully, and with style, thanks to this racing look I did beforehand.

Checker and stripe nail art

There are actually 5 colors used here, but the unsung hero that is Sharktooth (Jessica Cosmetics) is the white beneath the red and yellow to pop them. That beautiful blue is Sia, and the yellow is Darcy, both from Zoya. The fiery red is Flame-boyant (China Glaze) and the black is Black Onyx (OPI). 


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