Inktober - Exhausted

I wonder if Jake Parker (the creator of Inktober) planned to have the prompt for today line up on a Sunday? Because yes, "exhausted" is the exact word I would use for this Sunday. It's been a chilly, overcast day. I had a great time downtown last night until late, and exercise has left me wanting nap after nap. Luckily, my eyes don't look like the nail art I created for day 7, "exhausted."

I included bags under the eyes of these exhausted zombie nails for an added touch. I based the pupils on my own (and let me tell you, it was entertaining getting a decent picture of my eye). It took lots of colors to get them right, including 4 Zoya colors: Desiree, Tracie, Evvie, and Jace. My green base for the rest of the nails is an OPI shade called Stranger Tides, and the exhaustion red is Red Hot Rio (OPI). I wanted the edges to be blurry too, like someone's rubbed their eyes over and over to try to get the exhaustion out!

I've got something a little less morbid tomorrow than the past two days have been, so tune in tomorrow for "star"!


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