Inktober - Drain

Today's prompt, "drain," wasn't exactly the most inspiring one, but I actually do like what I conjured up.

When I was browsing my collection of colors to find something else for a different post, I came across the really interesting shade from Color Club, Soft Baked. The color has matte black glitter in a milky white base. It reminded me of a shower floor or a sidewalk. So I used that, then layered Marshmallow (essie) on top to dull the contrast a bit more. Then I used my OPI matte top coat to cover those layers.

The drain was painted next, using This Silver's Mine (OPI) for the chrome finish. The water droplets I drew freehand, then dabbed a regular, shiny topcoat in the center to give them shine against the matte finish of the shower floor.

Pretty interesting process for a not-so-inspiring prompt.

Tomorrow's is "expensive"...this could get glittery!


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