Inktober - Bottle

"Bottle" is the prompt for Inktober day 18, and my mind immediately went to poppin' bottles of champagne. I guess I'm excited for New Year's Eve. But I've done champagne nails before (HERE), and this challenge was to challenge my creativity. So I thought about other bottles that weren't alcohol. I wound up choosing something that could be considered as big a vice as alcohol for some. Here are my pill bottle nails.

The beautiful orange base (Paz from Zoya) was pretty sheer, so I decided to make each nail its own bottle and added a white french tip on each nail (with Alpine Snow from OPI). The red on the pills is also from OPI...Got the Mean Reds. To add a little definition, I used Skull & Glossbones and Black Onyx (both from OPI).

I'm over halfway done with Inktober! So far so good!


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