Fall & Thanksgiving Nail Art Samples

When you have clients who are interested in Thanksgiving nail art,  it's hard not to fall into the typical realm of turkeys with orange, red and yellow gobbles, or pumpkins without faces. I really racked my brain for ideas, and since it's such a food holiday, I found myself stuck there for inspiration. Nonetheless, I think I came up with some pretty fun Thanksgiving-specific and fall nail art samples for guests to choose from at the salon.

They're all done freehand, and all with regular polish. However, if you're reading this and considering an appointment with me, I can make these work in gel as well!

Which is your favorite?


  1. They're all awesome (especially considering you free-handed all of them, I bow to your skills!) but my favorite is the acorns!

  2. You have such amazing talent! I like all of them, particularly the burberry plaid , argyle, and the leaves. Very pretty!


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