China Glaze Summer Reign Collection with Summer Season Watermelons

There are 4 seasons on the calendar, but if you ask most people, they will tell you that summer's best, that summer reigns. China Glaze nailed that sentiment with their summer 2017 collection, Summer Reign. This collection has a swath of colors, but they mostly read "tropical" with punches of metallics. I loved the juicy rich colors from the collection more than the metallics, particularly the dark jade shade, Emerald Bae. It reminded me of the watermelon Blow Pop wrappers.

Summer Season Watermelons by Nailed It @

Emerald Bae is the dark green shade. I also used All Glammed Up and Flame-Boyant from Summer Reign. Don't you love these juicy tidbits?!

Now here's the rest of the swatches for Summer Reign!

China Glaze - All Glammed Up
China Glaze - All Glammed Up
All Glammed Up (2 coats) is a very smooth turquoise creme. China Glaze has always produced amazing greens (hello For Audrey!), and this one's no exception.

China Glaze - Chroma Cool
China Glaze - Chroma Cool
Chroma Cool (2 coats) is a good ole silver metallic. Great coverage, easy application, smooth finish. It's not the most reflective silver, but it's pretty good as far as polish goes!

China Glaze - Emerald Bae
China Glaze - Emerald Bae
Emerald Bae (2 coats) is a very smooth (in texture and appearance), cool, mossy green creme. It's very opaque, so it was easy to use it for the French tip of the watermelon nail art I did. If it weren't full coverage, you'd get horrible patchiness over such a bright red.

China Glaze - Flame-Boyant
China Glaze - Flame-Boyant
Flame-Boyant (2 coats) is a sincerely bright red creme polish. Without top coat, it dries a little matte too.

China Glaze - High Standards
China Glaze - High Standards
High Standards (2 coats) is another smooth metallic, but this finish is gold.

China Glaze - I Truly Azure You
China Glaze - I Truly Azure You
I Truly Azure You (2 coats) is a good coverage, medium-blue with light blue pearly shimmer. It's not neon, contrary to how I thought it would be when I first opened up the package.

China Glaze - Rosé My Name
China Glaze - Rosé My Name
Rosé My Name (2 coats) is the last metallic polish of the collection. It's a magenta chrome. It's not the smoothest finish, but it applies nicely.

China Glaze - Simply Fa-Blue-Less
China Glaze - Simply Fa-Blue-Less
Simply Fa-Blue-Less (2 coats) is such an intense color, I LOVE IT! It's a dark neon (if that's possible) blue jelly. The pictures make it look obnoxiously sheer, but that's not the case. It's really shiny and I truly love it. It really is fa-blue-less!

China Glaze - Sultry Solstice
China Glaze - Sultry Solstice
Sultry Solstice (2 coats) is also neon, with a little more coverage. It's not quite a creme, but not quite a jelly. This neon orange crelly also dries somewhat matte without top coat.

China Glaze - Summer Reign
China Glaze - Summer Reign
Summer Reign (2 coats) is the collection's namesake. It's a matte, neon purple creme with very minimal pink shimmer. The shimmer comes out around the edges in the shot above.

China Glaze - Sun-set the Mood
China Glaze - Sun-set the Mood
Sun-set the Mood (2 coats) looks basic in the picture, but it's a hot neon coral creme. The coverage is decent, but not ideal. This one also dries matte.

China Glaze - Sunset Seeker
China Glaze - Sunset Seeker
Sunset Seeker (2 coats) is a dark, but still bright classic matte orange creme. It has red, but it's definitely still an orange.

The products in this post were given for review purposes. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.

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  1. I need Emerald Bae in my life. I love that green. This is a really nice collection and I have purchased several of the polishes, but that green one is still on my wish list. Cute mani using the polishes together to get this summery watermelon look.


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