What I Wore: Cinco de Mayo

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, whether you were celebrating Derby Day, Star Wars Day, or like most 20-somethings in the Boulder/Denver area, Cinco de Mayo! This happened to be one of the first beautifully hot days Boulder's seen so far this year, so friends and I headed to Denver for some authentic Mexican cuisine and dancing at a nightclub nearby.

The morning of Cinco de Mayo, I wanted to wear some festively bright colors, so I did a little accent nail in one of the most recognized patterns of Mexican culture, the sarape. Though the shawls come in different patterns and colors, I picked a brightly colored striped pattern for my accent. I even attempted and mostly pulled it off on my right hand's ring finger, but I'll save you from having to see that Cinderella finger.

Sarape Accent by Katy @ Nailed It

The blue on the rest of my fingers is Sia (Zoya). To get the sarape look, I layered lines of darker shades of blue and orange on top of lighter ones with my favorite striping brush. I also did a layer of white (White Porcelain by INM) first, and accented with black (Black Hole by INM). In order from lightest to darkest, here are the colors I used:

Blue Section

  • Sky - picture polish
  • Dory - Zoya
  • Sia - Zoya
Orange Section
  • Excuse Me, Sur - essie
  • Cam - Zoya
  • Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It - OPI
How did you spend your weekend? 

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