A Nod to Inspiration

The palette used to create this nail art is...immense to say the least. I raided my polish collection like a horny teenage boy raids his friend's sister's panty drawer, hunting for the best colors to match the Ampersand Design Studio piece I mimicked my design from. Since Ampersand Design Studio created the illustration for The Land of Nod, I call this look, "A Nod to Inspiration".

A Nod to Inspiration by Katy @ Nailed It www.blognailedit.co
A Nod to Inspiration
The polishes I used for the non-nail-art-nails include Precision Nail Lacquer Grape-Divine and Blissful Abyss, Misa Loop-de-Loop, and Sinful Colors Unicorn. Anyone else remember how amazing Unicorn used to be? Using it today, I realized how utterly crap the formula is. Maybe it's just the years of it sitting around, but it's a streaky hot mess. If unicorns do exist, I hope they disapprove of this polish as much as me.

The rest of the polishes were random pulls from any one of the 18 helmer drawers my polishes primarily live in. For fun, let's list them:
  • Roarrrrange - essie
  • Flyin' High - China Glaze
  • Licorice - essie
  • My Boyfriend Scales Walls - OPI
  • Mezmerised - essie
  • Blueberry Blast - Misa
  • Carey - Zoya
  • Gravitron - Misa
  • Pull Over - Sinful Colors
  • Great Grape - Misa
If you're dying to know which color is which, feel free to ask. If you're dying to know where to buy any one of these random polishes, visit the Where to Shop section on my blog. 


  1. Gah, love the pattern so much!

  2. WOW!! This nailart is gorgeous!! You are super talented!! <3

    Lovely greetings, www.nailpolish-addicted.com


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