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Remember Sally Hansen? I do...even though I rarely stop by the drugstore anymore to get polish. It used to be such a thrill walking into Walgreens. I'd always hope that the newest fad polish from Sally Hansen would be in stock every time I stopped by. The joy I'd feel if it was on the shelf I remember so vividly. It really makes me reflect back and I can hardly believe how out of control my love for polish has gotten.

I've never tried Miracle Gel™ as a product before, which is crazy since it's been on the market for a while now.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Specifics

I am the last person to be testing the wearability claims of a product because my full-time job has me in polish remover all day. However, Sally says this stuff will last you up to 14 days. 

I was curious how the dry time was with Miracle Gel too. A lot of brands of "gel hybrid" polishes (such as VINYLUX) boast not only long wearability, but also faster dry times. So I did a series of dry time tests on my manicure for you. Here are the results:
  • 3-min dry time: I lightly swiped my fingertip over the nail and it felt like my finger was experiencing drag over the surface of the nail.
  • 10-min dry time: I pushed a little harder, and found that the polish was still able to dent, but not smudge. 
  • 15-min dry time: I would feel safe enough to put my pedicure in socks. 
Sally says that 15 minutes should do it too. Pretty accurate.

I was sent three of the seven colors from the collection, so let's take a look at those.

The Digital Overload Collection

Digital Overload includes four additional colors to those seen below, including Pink-terest, World Wide Red, Byte Blue, and Electric Pop. I got to try Gigabryte, Digi-Teal, and Let's Get Digital.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Digi-Teal
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Digi-Teal
Digi-Teal (2 coats) really isn't teal at all to me. It's a neonish light blue creme. It's bold and bright, but unfortunately a little streaky (check my pinky). I liked it more with Let's Get Digital.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Let's Get Digital
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Let's Get Digital
Ok...check out this description I wrote for Let's Get Digital (2 coats): "It's stunning over Digi-Teal, like moving flames over a Caribbean Sea somewhere so blue and beautiful". Pause...was I high writing that? Looking back, I would absolutely agree with myself, but that's just a whole nother level of descriptive literature.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Gigabryte
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Gigabryte
I was personally squealing when Gigabryte (2 coats) came in the mail. First, it's yellow! No one's brave enough to make yellows anymore! Second, it's a really pretty yellow. I would describe it as a lightly sunned pastel "taxi-yellow".

Okay okay, now you've waited long enough for the pretty nail art in these super summer bright polishes. I borrowed ohmygoshpolish's tutorial for a squishy galaxy. Obviously my galaxy is only one you'd see while on psychedelics, but the design principle stays the same. You dot a stamper with the polishes, then squish it on your nail to create this cool effect.

The design looked a little like an over-saturated planet earth, so I'm calling it Global Digital. I patched in a little bit of each color, even Let's Get Digital. Cleanup was a mother, but it's fun to wear.

Digital Overload came out in January.

The products in this post were given for review purposes. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


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