Zoya Island Fun and Windows to the Nail Art Soul

Well...it's been nearly two months since my last blog post. I could inundate you with excuses and I'm sorry's (which I do sincerely feel), but let's face it, Nailed It is about nail art, not my life story, so I'll get right into the good stuff of today, and you can go ahead and email me if you're curious about why I've been absent. What I will tell you is that with a new computer, new job title and nail art on my mind, it should be uphill and fantastic from here!

Today I've got swatches of the Zoya Island Fun collection, which isn't new, but is the latest colorful collection from Zoya. Today, Zoya announced another one I can't wait to try (Focus & Flair), but this summer collection is still very on point! Check out the nail art first and foremost, which I copied almost directly from Instagram user, resnicina88 and this manicure she did.

Island Fun is creme heaven. It's like the finishes were all created in the remains of a Twinkie factory...perfectly smooth and nearly as delicious. Three of Island Fun's bodacious bolds were used for my nail art, most obvious of which is Nana.

Zoya Nana
Zoya - Nana

Nana (1-2 coats)...na na! Nana na na! Hey hey hey! SO GORG! This polish really can be done with almost 1 coat, but for consistency, I did 2 for the swatch. It's a stunning raspberry pink creme.

Zoya Cecilia
Zoya - Cecilia

The second color I used is Cecilia (2 coats), a vibrant teal creme everyone's been craving this summer.

Zoya Serenity
Zoya - Serenity

Last of the nail art colors (but not in the collection!) is Serenity (2 coats). Serenity is a really royal violet, inching on indigo.

Zoya Demetria
Zoya - Demetria

Demetria (2 coats) I also noted as a "super" color - super orange-red! Not red-orange...orange-red. If you're unsure the difference, consult the 96-pack of crayons, sharpener included.

Zoya - Jace
Zoya - Jace

Jace (2 coats) was planted in spring, and the grassy green creme exploded onto the scene this summer.

Zoya - Talia
Talia (2 coats) I described as "ultra aqua". I guess her super power would be anti-dullness and superb colorization.

Did you have fun with Island Fun? You can buy it where Zoya is sold, and as always, directly through the Zoya site here.

The products in this post were given for review purposes. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. These are all so incredibly beautiful - I need a zoya shopping spree! I am really loving the colours with your nail art design, gorgeous!

  2. I really like how you used the colors for the nail art - it's such a fun geometric design!

  3. I agree with everyone! The colors are pretty and I liked how you did your nail designs! :)

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