Zoya Paradise Sun Collection and Metallic Florals

This summer, Zoya has two new collections that marry beautifully with one another. Island Fun and Paradise Sun each have 6 colors that boast bold brightness. Island Fun is all about the creme, while Paradise Sun is full of metallics, and that's what we'll see today!

What's interesting about Paradise Sun is that it has a white metallic, which worked perfectly for this floral nail art, inspired by a pin I quickly grew to adore. I like simple backgrounds to the patterns I choose, so to be able to incorporate only colors from this collection was exciting!

Zoya Paradise Sun

The little flowers were painstakingly done with a tiny little brush and patience.

Zoya Paradise Sun

I couldn't decide between the colors, so I wound up using all but one in the collection.

Let's see these on their own, starting with the wonderful white, Genesis.

Zoya Genesis
Zoya - Genesis
Genesis (2 coats) is a pearly metallic white. It's not a cheesy, streaky formula either; it covers nicely and works well as a summer neutral.

Zoya Aphroite
Zoya - Aphroite
Aphroite (2 coats) is a neon red jelly with medium flecks of iridescence. It's unbelievably bright! Truly a sunny shade!

Zoya Isa
Zoya - Isa
Isa (2 coats) is a royal purple metallic blue flecks throughout. It's also almost a neon.

Zoya Oceane
Zoya - Oceane
Oceane (2 coats) is the collection's aqua teal metallic - like the ocean in THE paradise, the Bahamas!

Zoya Selene
Zoya - Selene
Selene (2 coats) looks greener in my swatch photo, but it truly is more of a teal/turquoise metallic.

Zoya Mae
Zoya - Mae

Mae (2 coats) is a bright pink metallic, and the only one I didn't use in the nail art. It's too pretty on its own.

Stay tuned later this week for Island Fun, which promises some great cremes...my favorite!

Pick up Paradise Sun wherever you can buy Zoya, or visit the online store here to get it.

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  1. Such tiny little flower petals. That's a lot of patience and a very steady hand.

  2. I love your nail art, your freehand flowers are beautiful! Also these colours... I want to say I love the look of Isa and Oceane but they are all gorgeous :) xx

  3. Amazing!You are a true artist!

  4. Those freehand flowers are amazing!

  5. Those freehand flowers are amazing!


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