OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Collection - Review, Swatches and Sultry Nail Art

This Valentine's Day, every single woman between the ages of 18 and 65 will be in the movie theater, eagerly awaiting the release of one of this year's most anticipated films...Fifty Shades of Grey. I feel terrible for the staff that has to clean up the seats after the showings.

This controversial film is based on the trilogy series of the same name. I tried my best to read it, and a little ways into the first book, I could honestly say I was enjoying it. Then he gave her the contract, and I had to shut it down. It was too awkward to sit in bed and read those words. So, I won't be paying for the movie either.

What I would be happy paying for however is the OPI collection released for the movie premiere. This collection only contains 6 shades, and after organizing them in my stash, I realized I didn't have many greys, so it was the perfect addition!

I was really looking forward to the nail art for the collection. I'd seen Fleury Rose's ripped tights nail art and knew I needed to recreate it...with a few racy additions.

I added the sexy lip bite and suggestive chains in honor of the adult content Fifty Shades of Grey is all about. Everything was done freehand, as usual. All the colors used (except the black and white detailing) are from the OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Collection, so let's see them on their own.

OPI - Cement the Deal
Cement the Deal (2 coats) is a cool, medium grey creme shade. It's a little darker than my picture shows. It was the base for the lip-biting nail art on my thumb.

OPI - Embrace the Gray
Embrace the Gray (2 coats) is a darker medium grey 'crelly', with more of a creme texture than jelly. It's the middle ground of Cement the Deal and Dark Side of the Mood, and a tad warmer than Cement the Deal.

OPI - Dark Side of the Mood

Dark Side of the Mood (2 coats) is a super dark cool grey crelly. Like Embrace the Gray, it's more creme than jelly, but its consistency is definitely not pure creme.

OPI - My Silk Tie

My Silk Tie (2 coats) is a pale silver foil. As you can see, it's a little bit streaky, as foils tend to be. I used it for the chains in the nail art.

OPI - Shine For Me

Shine For Me (2 coats) is another white-silver foil, but it's sprinkled with consistent blue glitter. It has a little texture to it before a top coat is added, similar to the Liquid Sands OPI offers.

OPI - Romantically Involved

Finally there's the non-grey of the collection, Romatically Involved (2 coats). This red is a darker cherry red creme, perfect after two coats. It was the inspiration for most of the nail art as you can probably tell.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Collection is available now wherever OPI is sold. I definitely recommend picking up the grey shades, as those don't make their way into many OPI collections.

As for the movie and book, I can't recommend it, but I am curious to see what you all think of them. Let me know in the comments below!

The products in this post were given for review purposes. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. I haven't even attempted to read the books and I have no plans to see the movie, but I really like this collection! I'm glad the greys are more blue-toned rather than green-toned. And I think the nail art is really fun!

  2. Love this collection and not because just the book or movie. The gray shades are very pretty and the red one is a must. The name of the polishes are super ingenious...how not to like it.
    The nail art is unique and absolutely fantastic!

  3. This is gorgeous. I love the ripped tights being in red instead of black. What nail brush(es) did you use for the tights? Also, I haven't read the books and don't know if I'll see the movie, but I am curious why the OPI collection has a "white-silver foil...sprinkled with consistent blue glitter." I realize you didn't finish the book but thought maybe you, or others reading this comment, might know what this particular color/texture combo has to do with the book? For instance, is there a scene with blue glitter? Or perhaps it's a reference to a dress (or something else) she wears? Everything else in the collection seems to be thematically on target but I'm stymied by Shine for Me. Thanks! Again, your mani is beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I used a teeny tiny nail art brush from Amazon, a striping brush. I don't know anything about why there's a glitter, in regards to the book. Maybe because he's so rich and luxurious?

  4. Worst books I have ever read in my life.


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