Hail Nails Polishes - Review & Swatches

I think it's safe to assume that everyone reading this blog, in some way or another, hails nails. We all cherish the feeling a fresh manicure gives us, and the crazy ones actually enjoy spending hours on nail art...eh hem.

So, we can all relish in the fact that there's a brand out there that not only is named for our love of polish, but is also rooted in nail art and everything surrounding it. Today, let's take a look at a new-to-me brand, Hail Nails.

I'm reviewing some random polishes from the line today, including some neons, pastels, and deep dark shimmers. It gives you sort of an idea of how varied the line is, which is good news for nail artists! Not all of the polishes are 3- or 5-free, but they are cruelty-free. If you'd like more information on a specific polish, you can contact Hail Nails directly.

The nail art I created was inspired by the colors. Street Dreams seemed like the perfect counterpart to Candy Rain, and felt vintage when I looked at them side by side. So I twisted a modern French to oblivion, and added a few geometric accents to pop it out more.

Now let's take a look at these colors on their own.

Street Dreams (2 coats) - A warm concrete neutral.

Electro Kush (2 coats) - A neon pastel green that...yes...applied evenly in 2 coats! It's got a tinge of teal, but essentially just looks like a more neon version of that Easter grass your candies were nestled in growing up.

Twerkle (2 coats) - Not only does Twerkle win the award for absolute best polish name, it's a contender for top purple in my collection! It's a pastel lavender that pops on the nail.

Candy Rain (2 coats) - I love this color, but experienced something really strange with it. It's a pastel teal out of the bottle and onto the nail, but after I applied a top coat, it got a little more green. You can kind of pick that out in the bottle color versus the color on my nails. I still love it though, and could chalk up the color shift to human error.

Lust Butter (3 coats) - Unlike the previous colors, Lust Butter is a crelly (creme-jelly) that's meant to look more sheer (hence the 3 coats). A great nude for anyone looking.

Hard Core (2 coats) - A shocking neon pink that applies shockingly well in 2 coats.

Sapphire Smut (3 coats) - This black jelly base suspends shimmer in royal blue and emerald. It took me 3 coats to build.

Chola Noir (3 coats) - A vampy wine great for fall.

Vamp Tramp (1-2 coats) - I don't usually gravitate towards shimmer, but this one was striking. It not only builds really well after 1 coat, its shimmer is totally unique. Look at how the shimmer makes my nails look almost neon purple! Wow.

Hail Nails is sold online for $10 each. What are the standouts for you in these samples? I'm drawn most to Candy Rain and Vamp Tramp!

The products in this post were sent for review purposes. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. Ooh I love Twerkle. These look great!!!

  2. Looks like a pretty range of colors! Also, your nails look so long, lady

  3. Oh wow these are gorgeous colours especially Sapphire Smut :-)

  4. Very pretty polishes and the nail art looks very unique and lovely!


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