Color Club Safari Garden Collection Review & Swatches

Color Club's undergone a makeover, and to spur the excitement, they released a truly stunning collection of shades, called the Safari Garden collection.

I was immediately struck by the collection's cremes, particularly their off-white, Look, Don't Tusk. It's an amazing base, added to my favorite off-whites (among My Vampire is Buff, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and others).

The safari theme inspired the nail art as well.

All the colors used are part of the Safari Garden collection, available here. For the swatches of each polish, follow the jump.

This is that off-white I was talking about, Look, Don't Tusk (3 coats). Though it's a little streaky, it looks fine after three coats. It has strong yellow undertones, which is awesome for my yellow toned skin!

In De-Nile (2 coats) is a very pale, baby blue creme. It's also has undertones, but they're grey. SO pretty!

Safari Sunset (3 coats) is a nude and gold duochrome. It's a little pale for my skin, but on a darker complexion I bet it would look absolutely royal. A lovely color, no matter what your complexion though.

UGH! SO PRETTY! Lion's Den (3 coats) is unbeatable. It's a thin gold foil with a copper duochrome thing goin' on. It doesn't dull either. I've had the nail art in the first pics on for days and it's shining bright as ever.

Tribe and True (3 coats) is the most "safari-y" color in the collection. Just a perfect army green, though it's a little thin. I had to apply some careful layers for the nail art.

Nail-Robi (2 coats) is UNREAL. 'Nuff said. It's a navy creme, but it's a little purple. GAH!

Obviously, I love this collection, and I highly recommend it. You can get the whole collection now in most beauty supply stores, and in the Color Club store here. Enjoy!

These products were sent to me by Color Club. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. I would love to see a comparison photo between the "Look, Don't Tusk", "My Vampire is Buff" and "My Boyfriend Scales Walls". Maybe you can do that? I've been trying to find the perfect off-white, so a comparison between those three would really help me =)

  2. Lovely mani! :) And I like the nail polishes, too :)

  3. Omg! Lions den! And that army green! And your nail art!

  4. i'm not impressed with this collection but i love the nail art you did with it!


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