#NailTechNailedIt - How to Nail Your Written Exam - Nail Disorders

If my nail tech career were a Facebook relationship status, we would officially be "In a relationship".

As of March 13, 2014, I am officially licensed as a nail technician in the state of Colorado. *Applause*

Most of you have been with me since the beginning, nearly 8 months ago. (To catch up on the journey, check out the #nailtechnailedit tag.) But now the schooling is over and the tests have been passed. A hilarious recap of the practical exam can be found here.

Last Thursday, I had my written exam. In Colorado, it's a 75 question multiple-choice test, delivered electronically in a testing center. The exam time is 100 minutes. The material on the exam is generally outlined in the candidate bulletin, broken down by percentages into roughly what will be covered (page 35 in the linked PDF).

After reviewing what would be on the test, and seriously procrastinating on studying, I had to break up the hours of study into what I needed to review most. For me, that was definitely "nail conditions that preclude treatment". That's fancy speak for "those terrifyingly similar words for disorders you reviewed ages ago". I struggled on it when we first learned it, and I knew if it was going to be 15-20% of the test, I needed a serious brush-up.

So I made a list of the key words from chapter 9 in the textbook we used. Then, I wrote down the book's definition for them. Finally, I came up with a ridiculous set of memory cues to pull up when test time came and they all started to blend together.

Today, I'm sharing half of that ridiculous list with you. This list served me well on the test, and made me giggle when I thought of some of the memory cues I'd come up with, easing the stress of the test just a little more.

The words and definitions are all key words from the book, but the cues are all my own. I focused on those that I didn't know, or thought I might forget in the heat of the moment. So share it, pin it, do with it what you like. I hope they can help someone else the same way they helped me!

Check back later for the other half of the list, the Nail Diseases.


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