Get Grilled: Divine Caroline Interview

Divine Caroline has become a wonderful partner I always look forward to working with. The online magazine and its beauty contributors are thoughtful, informative, and just so Divine. Not to mention their editors and staff, who I've quickly grown fond of.

The best part is they love their bloggers. Today, stop by and read my DC Interview. I got grilled and share some pieces of my life in and out of the nail universe with all you fabulous readers.  Learn more about my collection, blog birth, and how I see my future shaping up!

Click here to read my interview with Divine Caroline!


  1. Great interview, always nice to learn more about the person behind the blog :-)

  2. Loved this interview! What are your thoughts on Fingrs Prints press on nails? Lately I have been throwing them on in a pinch. Have you ever used them? Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! xo

    1. Sorry, I've never used them. You can't go wrong with fake press on nails though. Just be careful when removing them so you don't rip up the adhesive or glue. Doing that can bring up some layers of your nail with it, which causes them to be thinner and more susceptible to breakage.


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