NCLA Swatches and Review

In my personal life, you may or may not know that I just spent a week in glorious, Southern California weather. I basked in the sun on the beach, sweating just because of its rays and not because of layers of snow gear. I ate frozen yogurt topped with fresh toppings to cool me down. Then I hiked near the ocean in just a light jacket.

Now, in Boulder, like much of the rest of the country, I'm enjoying a brief cold spell, complete with frosted windows and snow covered landscapes.

They're both beautiful in their own right, but as a tribute to the Southern California sun, I'm showing off swatches of NCLA lacquers from two collections, Life's a Beach and North of Sunset, and simple roses combining the two.

Read more about these colors below after the jump.

AM: Beauty Sleep, PM: Shopping Spree is probably the most long-winded name for a polish I've ever read. And it in no way describes the polish. all. But that doesn't make it any less pretty.

It is difficult to apply unfortunately, requiring 4 coats for the application above. It's a milky, mint creme.

As If! embodies that so-cal valley girl attitude perfectly (think Clueless). It's a pastel periwinkle, tinged slightly more blue than my swatch. I used 2 coats for the swatch above.

Pool Side Party, All Eyes on Me! really will grab attention! It's a neon peach pastel creme, requiring 3 coats above.

The last lacquer in Life's a Beach is this creme buttery yellow, Tennis Anyone? I absolutely love this yellow, troublesome as it may be. I needed 4 coats for the swatch, and 4 coats again when I did the nail art a different day.

The colors in the collection North of Sunset are more sophisticated, more luxurious. They're the shades that the ladies of LA wear when they make VIP appearances.

Laurel Canyon Lolita is a magenta merlot creme, needing only 2 coats.

Some of the less desirable girls of Southern California are those that flaunt their wealth, and are completely unappreicative for what they're given. They're spoiled and too much for anyone to handle. That's how I see My Dad Invented's got it all, but it begs for more. It's an emerald shimmer base with silver microglitter, and silver, copper, magenta and blue macro pieces mixed in. Even still, it's not as striking as it could be. I used 3 coats for the swatch.

My personal favorite has got to be Tennis Anyone?, but what's your's?

NCLA polishes are luxury "5 Free" nail lacquers, available at the NCLA website for $16.

These products were sent to me by NCLA. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. My favorite color from the collection just might be As If! But Poolside Party is very striking too - I don't have anything like it in my stash.
    I'm glad you enjoyed you time here in SoCal and stay safe in the cold.

  2. I've tried polishes from NCLA and must say that they are really nice to apply. I like all of them in this collection.

  3. Those soft pastel colors are beautiful! Somehow, you always make me want to buy the polishes you swatch ;)

  4. whatever you put on your nails, it looks amaizing! your hands and nails look so neat ! plus roses are amaizing! im gonna try to do the same way too

    1. Share your results, I'd love to see them! Would you be interested in a tutorial of this look?

  5. I love the Life's a Beach shades, especially Tennis Anyone! It looks gorgeous with the roses on top :)

  6. I just bought both the zombie sets. I'm wondering about how long this polish typically lasts on nail? I use seche vite bottom and top coat. I'm big on my manicure lasting at least 4 days.


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