Broncos Super Bowl Nails

I grew up with a dad who loved baseball, and a sister and mom who could care less about sports other than Nascar. It's no surprise I knew very little about football.

This year, it's all started to make a lot more sense, and I've started to enjoy watching it more.

And now that my state's team is going to the Super Bowl, of course I'm excited!

I did these Broncos nails on my friend Bethany tonight, hoping it'll send good vibes to the team out in NY/NJ. It's all freehand, but obviously I looked at pictures when I did them.

Broncos Super Bowl Nail Art

Broncos Super Bowl Nail Art

I used:
  • My Boyfriend Scales Walls (OPI, white)
  • OPI...Eurso Euro (OPI, blue)
  • Skater Dater (Sation, orange)
  • Louise (Zoya, brown)
  • Jostle (L.A. Girl, blue glitter)
  • Black Onyx (OPI, black details)
Who're you rooting for on Sunday? 


  1. WHAT?! That Bronco head is freehanded?! Good gravy! That's amazing!

    I have to show these to my husband - he's a Broncos fan, and he deals with my nail art obsession, so I know he'll a) be blown away, and b) love them!

  2. what a cool mani wow I love it great job :) xxx

  3. Holy crap these are So well done!! You have some mad freehand skills!

    Buuuuuuuut GO 'HAWKS ;)


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