#NailTechNailedIt - Recent Designs

My social media's been blowing up with these pictures, but I wanted to officially share some of my most recent nail art done on clients in nail tech school.

Snowflakes have been particularly popular, and rightly so. It's currently 1 degree Fahrenheit here in Boulder with crunchy snow covering everything.

Sorry this one's a little blurry.
I also had an adventurous young client who let me do whatever I wanted on her. Since she chose such a Bora Bora sea blue, I chose seashells!

And finally, Rachel was escaping the cold for climates where flipflops weren't a ridiculous idea, so she wanted a matching mani/pedi.

And tonight, even though I had no clients, I got a lot of work done on my holiday menu for designs. Here's just part of it.

Here's hoping someone wants something!


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