A Week of Shimmer - Day Two

Welcome to day two of Shimmer Polish! If you missed day one, go read about what this is all about, the reviews, and why the heck my ring finger looks different. Go do that now.

This is Gerry, a dark blue jelly with primarily royal blue and purple glitter, and a mix of red and black accents. This one's definitely one of my favorites, especially over OPI...Eurso Euro (OPI).

I noticed my previous batch of swatches was looking a little blown out on some screens, so I pumped down the exposure settings on these. Tell me which you prefer...day one look (plus Gerry) or day two look (all of those below).

This is Jennifer. Jennifer is a clear base with pale glitter in blue and purple. Larger black and gold accents are mixed in as well. I used it over Decoded (ORLY).

Jenny is another baby blue and purple mix, with teal, gold and some royal blue accents. It's all finished off with larger gold glitter. I used it over Fancy Pants (China Glaze).

Karen is another standout. (Maybe I've got a crush on purple glitter I didn't realize.) Another clear base with shades of purple and larger, silver glitter. It's used over Vant to Bite My Neck? (OPI).

I love Kim! This is a less crowded polish, and looks absolutely fantastic over a muted base (like I Vant to Be A-Lone Star from OPI). It's a steel glitter with big blue and purple pieces.

Lorene is a magenta jelly base with gold, pink and teal glitter. It darkens up its base nicely, as it's done here with Dutch Tulips (OPI).

The last Shimmer for tonight is Melissa. This is another clear base, with mostly purple glitter. It includes purple, red, and gold glitter throughout though. I used it over a no name hot pink from Color Club.

Which is your favorite in this bunch? How would you pair the glitter mixes, and what nail art would you like to see from them at the end of the week?

All the polishes are available in the Shimmer Store. The store's hardworking owner, Cindy, also takes custom orders for $15.

These products were sent to me by Shimmer Polish. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


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