Soft Tribal Gel Quickie

This past Saturday, clients were flowing in, but with so many new nail tech students, most were being assigned to their services. So I had the pleasure to do a Gelish mani on one of my fellow students.

She let me have free reign over her colors and design, so I decided to do a tribal look using my tribal tutorial, which you can try out yourself here!

Apologies for the somewhat blurry picture.
I love the way it turned out, and she told me she's been receiving lots of compliments on it.

Have you tried nail art with gel polishes before? Do you have a favorite gel to work with?


  1. Is gel harder to work with than polish, or are they about the same?

    1. I would say they're pretty close. To work with layers of polish (for example, my pink, black and white shown), you have to cure in between each layer, so there's a little extra waiting, but otherwise it's pretty close. The layers can also be a little thin in my somewhat limited experience thus far.

  2. This is a gorgeous design! xx

  3. I love this design, I also copied it and I'm going to publish it these days :-) I'll let you know :-)


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