LVX Summer 2013 Collection Swatches & Review


Last night's nail networking event was a wonderful opportunity to meet women in the business and meet new faces. I had a great time, and even won a raffle for a new smock! If you live in Colorado, I would definitely recommend attending Nail Talk Denver's next event.

Tonight I'm showing the summer 2013 collection from LVX, a polish line devoted to matching and predicting the world's top fashion lines' colors and trends. They're a luxury line, running at $16 per bottle. 

The summer 2013 collection has 6 really pretty colors that align with specific spring/summer fashion trends. Click each color's below name to see which designs inspired it.
These gorgeous light shades really inspired me to create a soft, watercolor look. But then when I started mixing the colors, they felt tribal, so I did some simple geometric overlaps to change it up. Here's the final look I came up with:

The studs were purchased from Born Pretty Store. The technique I used is widely known as the watercolor technique, and I put a little bit of a spin on it.

First, I polished a base of the tan color (Rive, which you'll see after the jump). Then, I used a small detail brush (not as thin as a striper) to dip into three of the other colors, individually. Before striping on the colors in random patches, I dipped the brush in acetone, so it was washed out when I applied it. The whole look needs a good, random touch, so it's a great beginner technique!

Now let's look at the rest of the swatches!

Shown in 2 coats is Rive. This nude creme has a slight pink undertone to it.

Deco is a pretty pink-peach creme. It reminds me of the same color often used in San Francisco row houses. I used 2 coats here as well.

Celeste is one of my favorites in the collection (2 coats again). It's a simple, lovely powder blue.

Another favorite for me is Mynt. Just the perfect mint! I needed 3 coats for this one.

Modena only needed 1 coat, but 2 if you have a long white free edge to hide. It's a great bright red creme.

Finally, there's Chambord, which seems unusual in a summer collection. However, check out the inspiration page of designs for it and it comes into light. This wine creme needed 2 coats.

LVX is available online, but it's also available in select retailers. Find one near you here. Follow their social outlets too!

These products were sent to me by LVX. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. These look like such pretty pastel polishes, I love them all blended together with the watercolor technique!

  2. i love the way the green looks in your nail art!


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