USpicy UV Lamp Review

No nail art tonight. Womp womp.

But I do have an interesting tool to review, that some of you will find helpful! A UV lamp!

The lamp is simple, easy to use, and effective. Plus, it's a huge bargain!

USpicy carries a variety of lamps, but the one I was sent to review specifically is the Eclair 9W lamp. The light doesn't have a timer, and it is UV (not LED).

I used it to test out a gel polish (reviewed in another post later) and was pleased! The little lamp did its job just perfectly. It doesn't heat up to a level of discomfort to any degree. It's not loud and buzzy like some other lamps I've used. Though I wish it had a timer to make working with clients easier, it's not something you absolutely need, especially if you're working at home on yourself, which is more what I see this lamp being used as. There's only enough room in it for one hand, and getting the thumb in too is a little awkward, but doable.

In addition to the included lamp and bulb comes a file and some fantastic gloves.

I don't know how practical the gloves are, as they reach up past my elbow, but it sure makes me want to go to a ball. And every pretty girl deserves to go to a ball!

They do actually provide a comfortable amount of warmth while typing, as I'm realizing, finishing up this post. And I just feel fabulous!

I have no complaints about this light! I'd highly recommend it if you're looking for a good starter light to get gel manicures at home! Make sure that 9W is enough for your polish to cure, as some require stronger wattage to properly cure all the way. Each gel is different, so just check the manufacturer's recommendations.

It's available most readily for purchase through Amazon, for the ridiculously low price of $18.95! Buy it here!

This product was sent to me by USpicy. The review is based entirely on my experience with the product and was in no way influenced by anyone.

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  1. I've found the best way to do your thumbs is to put the lamp on the edge of the table and stick your thumbs in so they're in the lamp but your hand is hanging off the table - much more comfortable and no risk of your gel sliding to one side!


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