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Photo credit: The Daily Camera

If you follow me on Twitter (or have been reading my feed in my sidebar of this blog), then you know that I live in Boulder, and there's national disaster level flooding in Boulder and the surrounding canyons and towns. Since Wednesday night, we've been receiving alerts of flash flood warnings as the unrelenting rain poured from the sky. Around 2:00 AM, my friends called out for help as they were evacuated from their condo. Their second-level unit was not directly affected, but as you can see from their video, they were in serious danger. They are both safe and dry and staying with friends until it is safe for them to return.

Andrew and I are both safe and dry. Our house is on high ground in Boulder, and no water damage has occurred for us. We are extremely lucky, as houses all around us are having to rip up their basements' carpet and shop-vac out inches of water.

The once peaceful and picturesque Boulder Creek has become a raging river, tearing the banks of it out. The creek has widened substantially and the water flow has gone from dry in some spots to 5,000 cubic feet per second at its peak so far.

Looking out my window now, I can see patches of blue sky, which is reassuring and welcome. This doesn't provide much comfort for those along flood plains though. Thousands of residents were evacuated and some remain trapped in their current conditions. Evacuations are aided by the National Guard, but with such dangerous conditions, it's a slow process.

The school I attend for my nail tech license has been closed since Thursday. I'm unsure if it will reopen for Tuesday's classes yet. 

Again, we are fine and safe. I wanted to let everyone know what has been happening. 

In other news, I did not win the InStyle Social Media award for Most Inspiring Manicure. That award went to MissJenFabulous on YouTube. I'm disappointed, as I was ahead at some point, but her following is much larger than mine. Oh well! Congratulations to her, and thank you to all those who voted!

For the most updated news on what's happening in Boulder and Colorado, I recommend checking the Twitter hashtags #BoulderFlood and #COFlood. Looking at the pictures is terrifying.

If you want to help, our local paper, The Daily Camera, has a post detailing ways to help here.


  1. I am sorry to hear this. We went through similar here in Bragg Creek Alberta in June, and it is very frightening and stressful :/ The one good thing is witnessing how a community can pull together and offer support. Best of luck.

  2. wow it's terrible what is happening, I really hope it all stops soon! Glad to hear you are safe and hope it remains that way!

  3. Wow, so crazy that this happened. Glad you're ok!

  4. This is some BS. 1. That you are all so touch and go with the rain. I'm so sorry. I'll pray to everyone's gods for you (just pick the god of your choosing and he'll pluck my prayer out for ya!) 2. That a manicure stealer won most inspiring manicure. Whomp.

  5. Thinking of you, we live in Evergreen and are dealing with mild water damage. So thankful for the sun today! Stay safe. :-)


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