Incoco Nail Polish Strips Review and 'Swatches'

Wraps and nail strips are absolutely everywhere. I first saw them from Sally Hansen, and now I can't go into a drugstore without seeing them from everyone.

Some are plastic, some feel more papery, and some are thin pieces of film.

What I didn't realize about nail polish strips is that some companies, like Incoco, are actually using real polish to create theirs.

Seriously! Initially opening the package, that's sealed up air-tight, expels a poof of air that carries that distinctive polish smell. Mind. Blown.

When you use real polish to create nail strips, your result is much more legit. I can attest to that after reviewing three sets of strips from Incoco on one mani.

Two of the strips I used were created to cover your full nail (Amped Up and NY Lights). Amped Up comes from their designs collection, and NY Lights comes from the line of colors.

In addition to these full nail sets (each of which contains 32 individual pieces), I was sent a French design set, called Maxed Out Tips. This includes an absurd amount of tips, with double-ended designs. I don't think I'll run out of these if I try.

My experience with these three sets of polish strips was greatly professional. Once cut to the shape of my slender nail plates (I'll never come close to needing the gigantic thumb sizes they include), I peeled off the strip according to the instructions. (Visit their website for a complete How-To.) Apply was easy, and they were much less bumpy than I expected. I guess that's the real polish working in your favor there.

Because there's no dry-time, once you get them on and filed down to match your nail shape, you're done and can be on your way. I rushed my application for a brunch date, but they still came out pretty flawless. I did rip my thumb piece too close, exposing my nail underneath, so I reapplied that, but beyond that, they were quite cooperative.

When using the French tip designs, you are required to place a nail strip of clear over the French tip. This will help prevent peeling, but does make those nails thicker and a little bubbly in my experience. I didn't like the way the clear looked over my natural nail.

I'm also curious how well the strips will maintain their longevity after I've opened the package. The instructions say that once opened, you should use the strips because as they are exposed to air, they become brittle and less flexible. I'm hoping placing them in a sandwich bag will prevent that, but without an airtight seal, that may not hold true. Only time will tell there.

Removing the strips is easy and safe for your nail plate. Damaging the nail plate will hurt it until it grows out. You'll have less protein on your nails, which means less structure and more peeling. The less damage you can do to it, the better. Incoco realizes that, and tells its wearers that removing should be done just like regular nail polish. Use polish remover on a cotton ball or pad and remove just like polish from a bottle. Simple and clean.

Incoco's selection of designs is impressive. They have holiday selections (Jack-o-Lanterns anyone?), and year-round designs, and plenty of solid colors. In addition to the nails, they also offer toe patterns too! (I would personally not try these, because my insanely tiny toes are hard to paint, let alone lay stickers on.)

The full-nail designs are $8.09 each (both for manis and pedis), solid colors are $7.19 (manis and pedis), and French tips (regular and designs) are $8.99.

These products were sent to me by Incoco. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. I love the look you created with these and can't wait to try Incoco for myself!

  2. Really great combination! Love this mani!

  3. These are adorable! I also had no idea, some were made with real nail polish!

  4. I love this combination!! ♥

  5. I just reviewed these as well and it was my first successful experience with polish strips. Love your mani!


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