Bundle Monster Holiday Plate Review - Wedding Plate

Haven't seen stamping posts on Nailed It in a while have you? Tonight I'm reviewing one of the plates from Bundle Monster's new 2013 Holiday Plate collection.

This collection features a bunch of great plates perfect for every holiday out there, including non-Holiday holidays (e.g. baby showers and birthdays).

The collection comes with 25 plates, and 150 designs. You can see each design at the Bundle Monster site, or for real-life images, I recommend checking out Marta's review.

Today I reviewed plate BM-H22, which is a wedding themed plate. Since it's not a holiday, I wanted to use designs that were a bit more generic, and could work in any situation. I used two designs from this plate.

I had trouble getting the design on my stamper, which was obnoxious. I really had to pile on a lot of polish, and several times, to get the design to finally transfer onto the stamper. Maybe I'm just out of practice.

The skittlette look uses Mermaid's Tears (OPI), Crown Me Already! (OPI), Lick-O-Rich (Sally Hansen Sugar Coat) and Black Onyx (OPI) for the stamp.

I'll be reviewing another plate soon, inspired by Cinco de Mayo!

You can purchase this nail set from Bundle Monster here for $21.99, and check up with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+!

These products were sent to me by Bundle Monster. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. Pretty (: I love the design on you middle finger (:

  2. These are beautiful! I feel your pain about the stamping, some designs (especially the delicate looking ones like this) are etched very lightly so it's hard to get enough polish in the design to stamp neatly. You did a great job though, and I really love how this whole mani comes together.

  3. I can imagine those designs would be really hard to stamp well! But it looks great :)

  4. I love your ring finger design. Looks great. I love the way stamping looks but sometimes it's such a pain in the butt, haha


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