Sation Miss Antoinette Collection Swatches and Review

Miss has been busy since the launch of their new look for Sation just over a year ago. Looking at the archive of my blog, this is actually the one year anniversary of its first appearance on Nailed It! Happy anniversary Sation, and here's to many more wonderful days together!

To frivolously celebrate, here are swatches of the latest Sation collection, Miss Antoinette. This misunderstood Dauphine was sometimes seen as superficial, and her tastes certainly reflected this sentiment. She was oppulant and owned beautiful luxurious things. This collection reflects the colors of the period in which she was Dauphine of France, and the riches she undoubtedly possessed.

You already got a taste for the first of the shades in this corset nail art. Now you can have your cake polish and eat wear it too!

Of Corset I'll Call You (4 coats) - This is a cool baby pink. Don't be weary of the 4 coat disclaimer on this polish. It's very soft and delicate, and is meant to layer. It would make a wonderful French manicure color, and adds a certain distinct femininity, even if it isn't fully opaque.

Love at First Byte (4 coats) - Just as Of Corset I'll Call You, you need to build this polish. It's also quite delicate, but more of a nude, peachy shade. If you're not a huge pink fan, then this is a great soft substitute for it. I think it looks great with my skin tone!

Love is in the Heir (4 coats) - This dusty, sheer blue has shimmer in it as well, so it feels both soft and luxurious. The blue is warm though, similar to Blue Sky's the Limit, but the shimmer makes it something special.

Dating the Duke (3 coats) -  Remember the teal Candylandia color, Plenty of Frogs? Well this is it's step-sister. It has no shimmer, so it's a very rich and bold teal. It's not the sheer consistency of some of the other polishes in this collection.

Delete Your Junk Male (4 coats) - Though I used 4 coats for my swatch, 3 is gorgeous. The swatch is almost neon red isn't it? It's not quite that bright on the nail because it is another builder polish. There's some very slight shimmer, and it is quite bright. I'd use this as a hot polish to pick up a guy, if I didn't already have a great one. I won't be deleting him anytime soon. ;)

Guillotine Grape (3 coats) - This is the most extremely beautiful, vampy plum I've ever laid my eyes on. It's my favorite in the collection, which is unusual for my usual taste for bright neons and pastels. There's the sexiest hint of shimmer, keeping it clear of the creme category. It's rich and full bodied; a real grown up polish. I've never been so sad to take off a dark color before.

These products were sent to me by Miss Professional Nail. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. I already have Of Corset I'll Call You and love it, but now I must have the rest of these!

  2. Are Sation found in any retail chain stores? I tried entering my zip code in the thing, and it will only search in a 15 mile radius (I live in no man's land) so its pulling up nothing.

    1. Some are available in Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Winners (in Canada). They're all also available online at the Miss store, and I recently found they're also available at

  3. Love these! With the exception of Delete Your Junk Male, I want all of them.

  4. Very pretty collection, Dating the Duke is my favorite :)

  5. Love is in the heir and guillotine grape!! Wow! I'm on a no buy though. Unless its on extreme sale....ugh love love love that blue :(

  6. Beautiful swatches! I really nead Love At First Byte and Delete Your Junk Male :-)


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