Pop, Lock, and Drip It

Pop art, as it turns out, isn't given that genre name because the work usually 'pops' out at you. It's an abbreviation for "popular".

I like my more naive, childhood interpretation though, and took it quite literally here, with these 3D-looking pop art inspired drip nails!

This was fun to do. The base color is My Boyfriend Scales Walls (OPI). Then, I used Snap Happy (Essie), Carribean (Savina), and Almost Famous (Color Club).

If you're following me on Instagram, or you saw the colors in my feed to the right, then you knew what was coming. Is this what you were expecting? It's like the pop artist simply spilled all his paints, ruining the perfect dots underneath in a sort of perfect way.


  1. Amazeballs! Loving this manicure!!!

  2. *!!!!squeak!!!!*
    This is sooooooo fantastic! I love pop art way too much and your nails have just escalated that to a whole other level! :D
    Awesomely beautiful!! **

  3. The "comic book" style really gives a fun new twist to the drip manicure!

  4. Woah, I love it! It looks awesome!

  5. Amazing precision and great colors! I have to try doing something in pop art :)


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