Fake Tattoos Nail Tattoos Review

Before recently, I thought stamping and stickers were the next easiest way to get the artistic, perfect look without the steady hand some nail saints have. Then I was introduced to Fake Tattoos.

This European company specializes in temporary tattoos, whether they be on your body, or more excitingly, your nails! I've got a review today that's bound to excite you, and it's brought to you by Fake Tattoos!

Just like the temporary tattoos with unicorns and kittens we all wore as kids, these apply just as easily. They come on a sheet with paper backing and a plastic sheet on the other side. To apply this on your nails, you need to cut out the tattoo you want, peel off its plastic, and then apply the decal side to your nail. Then, with a damp paper towel, dab against the paper backing for about 15 seconds (they recommend 30). The backing will peel right away, and you'll be left with a beautiful design on your nails, just like these!

The colors used for this mani include My Vampire is Buff (OPI), Blueberry Blast (Misa), Lovely Lychee (Misa), Ripe Raspberry (Misa), Lime Love (Misa), Vintage Boutique (Avon), and Posh (Revlon).

The middle finger bird (how appropriate) and the ring finger hearts (damn I'm good!) are all Fake Tattoos. Aren't they great!? Perfect, clean lines, with tiny details nearly impossible to achieve with a little brush or nail art pen. The floral design was inspired by the feminine florals of The Daily Polish.

The ease of putting these on was surprising. I thought I'd mess up at least one or two nails, but what you see above is my first attempt. They do have a slight visible (though not tactile) texture to them, as you can see in the black heart on my ring finger. I've layered on a thick coat of Seche Vite, and it still appears, but I honestly don't mind. It doesn't detract from the look in the slightest.

Though I've only used three tattoos here, there are plenty for you to choose from! You can see their whole catalog here, but I received six sheets. Here's what's on them:

Which is your favorite? How would you rock these?

You can try these yourself by ordering your own set here. Fake Tattoos offers shipping worldwide, so grab your favorite sets and try them out yourself.

These products were sent to me by Fake Tattoos. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. So beautiful!! I love your mani!

  2. Beautiful mani! I want those tats! These are amazing.

  3. Those birds are adorable!! This look is amazing, the images go so well with the flowers <3

  4. So neat and pretty! Especially the hearts.

  5. Still laughing at 'middle finger bird and the ring finger hearts' - hahaha
    Love the manicure a very composed look of what I like to think of as a love story! Love the colours chosen and the neatness of it all!
    Now I want me some fake tattoos! haha ;)

  6. This product is awesome and a must have! It looks so beautiful on nails!

  7. I would totally rock this! I love the idea because it adds so much to the mani but is really easy to do.

  8. I love the birds! Free-handing birds gives me serious anxiety!

  9. I love them!! Wanna buy nailtattoos too. :) Love the one with bows and the one with icecream. :)

  10. So cute ! I would love to try the mustache design :)

  11. Awesome! Sounds like they are a lot like water decals. I love the cartoon bow and ice cream designs!

  12. I love this mani. The bird sitting on the branch s just too cute. Ordering now! x

  13. That green/floral one is beautiful!

    megabeauty.blogspot.com xo

  14. Beautiful! My favourites are those that you have on your nails, the little bird and roses! :-)

    1. The roses are actually freehanded by me. :)


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